In honor of 2017 marking Space as Art/ Angela Rodriguez Interiors’ 8 year anniversary of impacting lives via design, we’re bringing you 8 Ways Interior Design Affects Your Life Every Day. Today, we’re talking biophilic design!

What is biophilic design?

It’s a fancy scientific term for the fact that we humans are happier and healthier when we feel connected to nature and are surrounded by elements that remind us of being outdoors, even when we are inside a building.

How is it used in interiors?

We often design interiors that are reminiscent of nature as one way to have a positive effect on the people who use these spaces. Biophilic design can be subtle using natural colors and textures, or overt with the appropriate selection of indoor plants, water features, and by locating windows where there’s a beautiful view to be seen.

Look around. Do you see any evidence of biophilic design surrounding you?

The positive effects biophilic design can have on our mood and health are another way interior design can impact daily life, sometimes without being noticed consciously. Since we are spreading the love by alternating between our two sites with the 8 items on our list, you can check out our first installment, Acoustics, here on the Space as Art blog.