5 Ways to make your home design Christmas Cozy all year round

Twinkling lights, sparkling decorations, earthy evergreens, a warm fire, the scent of cookies baking in the oven… Christmastime is a delight to the senses and transforms many of our homes for one month each year. Home looks and feels just a little cozier, a little warmer, a little more magical in those weeks. We’re offering 5 of our favorite ways to make home “Christmas cozy” all year round, so the sparkle doesn’t all have to disappear when the string lights come down.

1. Makeover Your Lighting

An important component of the holiday sparkle’s secret formula is employing a mixture of light sources. Many homes use entirely, or predominately, ceiling lighting. If this sounds familiar, try mixing in some lamps or wall sconces for a more relaxing nighttime lightscape. If you find you already have a good mix of light sources in your home, could any of them benefit from dimming controls for softness, or a warmer colored bulb? The final step for the ultimate holiday-inspired lighting scheme is the warm glow of a flame- from a fireplace, or simply candles on the table, windowsill, or kitchen counter.

Angela’s picks: Aim for a mix of light sources, at a mix of heights, when possible. This iron and crystal chandelier hung over a table transitions well from holiday to everyday. Source

Angela’s picks: a good multiple light-source plan includes plug-in lighting, and a column lamp is always a classic choice. Source

Angela’s picks: pair the warm glow of a candle with a reflective, metallic-finish holder to conjure up that holiday sparkle any evening of the year. Source

2. Bring in the Greenery

No doubt flowers can be fantastic, but fresh cut branches and leafy greenery also have what it takes to be star of the show. We let them shine at Christmas time, with garlands, wreaths, swags, and of course, trees, so why relegate them just to a supporting role the rest of the year? Embracing seasonal shades of foliage throughout the year brings the same kind of cozy, earthy, authentic beauty to our homes we all love at Christmas.

3. Decorate with throws

If you’re like us, you love what great accent pillows can bring to the look and feel of a room. For similar reasons, we also love to incorporate throw blankets. Often overlooked as an accent, a chic throw draped over the arm of a chair will visually soften an edge, and folded on a sofa or ottoman they beckon to make oneself at home. Soft, luxurious textures help heighten a soft, cozy mood.


Angela’s picks: this chunky knit throw in white is versatile enough for any style and color scheme, and adds instant cozy factor. Source

Angela’s picks: this plaid, lambswool throw is classic, chic, and so soft. Source

4. Design with Scents

The sense of smell is said to be linked to memory and emotion more strongly than any of our other senses. Scents, and the feelings or memories we have tied to them, are entirely personal and unique. So shop with your nose and when you find the scent that makes you feel most relaxed and happy, you’ll know you’ve found the right one to help make your home holiday cozy. Pine needles and gingerbread not required, unless of course you want them to be!


Candles: Like this wintery Birchwood and Pine scented soy jar candle. Source

Reed Diffusers: With fragrant oils like this White Tea and Ginger set by Eco Candle Company. Source

Ultrasonic Diffusers: Add your choice of essential oils and experience spa-like aromatherapy. Source

5. Curate With Sentimental Objects

Perfectly styled and staged interiors you see in magazines and blogs are great for inspiration, but be careful not to copy a look so faithfully that it lacks unique personality. Without advocating for clutter by any means, curate shelves and style your rooms incorporating some of the objects you have acquired over time and that carry sentimental value. Display family photos in frames that complement your decor, and for more subdued schemes experiment with reprinting in black & white.

Angela’s picks: Display small collections (maybe those seashells you loved enough to pick up, but don’t really know what to do with?) and special mementos in pretty glass boxes like these. Source

Angela’s picks: Select frames to coordinate with your decor, and don’t be afraid to frame special things other than photos, like wedding invitations, tickets, or travel sketches. Source

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 Ways to Make Your Home “Christmas Cozy” all year round. The twinkling lights may be coming down, but let’s carry the joy and spirit of the season with us into 2018!