Join us on site for a glimpse into this highly detailed, custom home on Lido Key. I last wrote about this project here about 7 months ago, and a lot has happened since then! I promise lots of pretty pictures, but first, 35 full-size pages of this gorgeousness had to happen in our studio…

Interior detailing design by Angela Rodriguez Interiors example of interior construction drawings

^ Interior design drawings to capture and convey all the important design details for construction. (Side note: For any friends out there who are unclear as to what separates a Registered Interior Designer from a decorator, let’s call the above image Exhibit A!)

It is really exciting for us at this stage of construction to begin to see the design we have been dreaming up on paper for so many months, now start to take on its physical form…

Sarasota interior designer Angela Rodriguez Interior custom home renderings

In the great room, the coffered ceiling we designed has now been framed, and you can start to see the room take shape like our original concept (above).

The home’s exterior is a British West Indies style design, which is becoming increasingly popular here in Sarasota for its more relaxed and uncluttered expression of classic architectural roots, and overall warm/topical vibe. For the interiors, our client’s taste leans strongly towards elegant, classical details. So as the interior designer our task was to execute this traditional interior detailing in a fresh, light way befitting the setting throughout the home. The result is taking shape now- an interior that is finely detailed, but definitely not fussy or heavy.

We are so excited about this gorgeous breakfast nook! Who wouldn’t love a sunny spot like this to start each day. I can already imagine the French doors open, a table with fresh cut flowers, coastal breeze drifting in, and the sounds of a gentle waterfall feature heard from the patio. We specialize in interiors with soul, and this spot already shines with it.

Outside, we helped to select a very light yellow for the main paint color of the house from amongst several swatches shown being applied here by the painters.

Paint is now up and looking so sunny and inviting, shown here from outside the breakfast nook.

Angela Rodriguez Interiors, Interior designers Sarasota

We are proud to be working alongside Nautilus Homes on this custom crafted, British West Indies style beauty. We’ll be sure to post another update as this special project continues to take form.