This Spring I traveled to High Point Market (if you haven’t heard of it, just know HPMKT is often referred to as “The ‘Fashion Week’ for interior design” and now you have the general idea) in North Carolina. It was inspiring, exhausting, and awesome. Furniture, fabric, lighting, and home decor showrooms (some permanent, some temporary just for Market week) populate blocks and blocks of the city, special events, launches, and unveilings abound, and 20-some charter bus routes provide overstimulated designers transportation all day and into the evening. Transportation notwithstanding, there is a LOT of walking involved in attending Market.

So let’s enjoy the Market experience together with our feet up, shall we? Read on at your leisure for some of my favorite finds and highlights of Spring 2018 High Point Market.

Despite the wind and rain outside, inside the Julian Chichester showroom it felt like springtime. Bright bursts of pink, floral patterns, and fresh blossoms were bold yet sophisticated.

They also had a great lunch buffet (many thanks, Julian Chichester!) which was very welcome after a long morning of walking Market.

I appreciated the quality of the upholstery, and it was interesting to see how their pieces managed to combine different contemporary, traditional, and retro style influences all in their signature “iconic British design.”

One of the showrooms I visited that was new to me is Chandra, where I learned from one of the owners about their family-owned company, and the particular standards of quality they follow in producing their wool rugs, while maintaining a relatively accessible price point.

The showroom also displayed pieces from their line of furniture, such as this beautiful, solid ash shuffleboard table. >

I really enjoyed the design of the Chandra showroom itself- the way it integrates interior design and graphic design was striking, and the layout was very open and spacious so we could really appreciate each individual product on display.

As an interior designer it is always a thrill to discover a new source we want to work with. So I was over the moon to find a wholesaler of some fantastic kitchen accessories and decor, which is something we’ve really been looking for. These beauties are even lovelier in person, and come in a variety of sizes (up to really BIG for entertainers, and those large showcase kitchens we all adore).
Though it may not seem like a big deal, trust me, it is! (In a custom kitchen, do you really want to show off generic, decorative serveware from Pottery Barn? Nope.)
So excited was I about this new source that I opened an account and placed an order on the spot. We just installed a few pieces on a project this week and they are perfect!

At the Oly Studio showroom, I was captivated by this large, iron canopied daybed in the center of the lower floor space, open to the courtyard where beyond pink blossoms fell theatrically from the trees in the breeze, as if choreographed. I only regret my photos don’t do proper justice to the quiet beauty and dreaminess of this scene.

Also at the Oly Studio showroom… can we talk about this bed?? The unexpected combination of materials, the handmade character, the way it feels heavy and substantial, yet also light and ethereal. I posted a closeup detail of this piece on Instagram and raved about it to my husband, who took one look, shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I don’t know, it looks like something you could use to kill a really fancy vampire.”

I still love it. It’s a piece of art. One day he’ll come just home and find this in our house. And I’ll remind him that now we’re totally protected against attack by sophisticated vampires, so it’s really the practical choice.

More highlights, from top left: The showroom of Fine Art Lamps couldn’t possibly do anything but sparkle; I can’t stop staring at the lines of this chair at Palecek, it’s perfect from every angle; Check out the details of this cabinet: solid Oak in matte-satin black, mini louver detail, framed with the narrowest brass inlay; View from above into a handmade custom chandelier at Hammerton.

There was so much to see and appreciate, I couldn’t possibly cover it all here. Thank you to all our fabulous vendors for all the work you do to keep Market such a great resource for designers, and for the never-ending supply of caffeine, dessert, and mimosas to get us through it. 🙂

Friends, I hope you enjoyed this look into Spring 2018 High Point Market, in which case please stay tuned, because I’ll be covering the second half of my highlights soon in another post.