We are making frequent visits this summer to Lido Key, the site of our project, Lido Key Classic, a custom, British West Indies style home in Sarasota. Join us on a tour as the exterior is getting closer to completion and interior finishes are starting to get installed. We last updated 4 months ago here before the drywall was up and the exterior covered with scaffolding. So much progress has been made and we’re just loving seeing the individual rooms take shape.

We’ve mentioned in previous updates that this breakfast nook is one of our favorite spots in the house, and oh boy are we excited to see this space completed with our finishing touches. Imagine a glass chandelier hanging from a smooth ceiling dome, sparkling in the morning sun. This will be the perfect spot in the cooler months to enjoy a morning latte while the doors are open, letting in the fresh coastal breeze.

Another picturesque area we’ve designed is this curved bench in the master bedroom. The curve maximizes our client’s waterfront view while the custom bench provides an area to lounge and enjoy the scenery from any angle. We imagine our client reading a book in this cozy area during a quiet afternoon.

The most prominent design feature on the third level of the house is the club room bar. It overlooks the canopy of a protected natural preserve on Lido Key. On occasion we spot a bald eagle perched on a tree branch! This club room will be a space where family and friends gather for a drink, a game of pool and movie.

Side Note: Can we just take a moment to appreciate how clean Nautilus Homes keeps their construction site? We’re in awe at every visit because it lets us see the space without clutter and we feel safe without construction debris laying around. Bravo!

The most exciting new development on site this week is seeing the tile we selected being installed. We’re so pleased with the soft and luxurious aesthetic after visualizing it all in our studio for the past year. All the natural stone has been quite a challenge to coordinate and select but seeing it come together like this feels very satisfying.

The very last room in the house is the guest bedroom with this fabulous view, just what a coastal, British West Indies style home in Sarasota calls for. We spotted our design drawing set on full display and it filled us with pride to be designing the interior of this custom home.

(Update: completed photos of this project can be found in our Portfolio, here)