PROJECT TYPE: Renovation

LOCALE: Casey Key, Nokomis, FL

AWARDED: Platinum Honors in SRQ Magazine “Home of the Year” edition

STORY: Envisioned as a tropical spa retreat, this Casey Key master bath is designed to blend the homeowners’ contemporary aesthetic with a serene palette of natural materials.

Upon entry, the floor features wood plank “stepping stones” to match, and transition from, the adjacent master bedroom wood floor. These wood insets form a bridge over a field of smooth, black river rock. The ceiling reflects the wood island below with an elevated central area of back painted glass directly above, tinted slightly blue to be reminiscent of the sky. A subtle ceiling cove along the room’s perimeter conceals indirect lighting to softly graze the walls in the evening.

The lighting scheme is a mix of direct and indirect sources, designed to be adaptable and controlled separately to create different levels and looks depending on the use and time of day.

Punctuating the focal wall are two art glass vessel sinks resting upon a floating, white stone vanity between two custom storage towers of teak and glass. Frameless, translucent glass dividers in the shower enclosure and water closet keep natural light flowing freely through the space. Behind the glass, the luxurious spa shower is complete with body jets and ceiling-mounted rain shower heads to complete the tropical spa experience in this waterfront island home.